How ecoProactive™ works in Asia

The extremely low capillary absorption of ecoProactive™ allows the chemical reaction to continue in the most adverse wet conditions.

The unique blend of ingredients prevents water from entering the layer while retaining the moisture within the layer for hydration and strength gain.

The low absorption also slows down the rate of thermal heat in the pavement layer thus reducing the stresses and strains due to temperature fluctuations at night.

How ecoProactive™ works in Europe

The unique subtle change in the blend of the ecoProactive™ prevents moisture from entering or leaching from the treated layer and eliminates the major source of frost damage which is water.

The low capillary absorption eliminates the water entering the layer during thawing thus preventing heave damage.

The low thermal conductivity slows down the rate of heat absorption during the day and reduces the temperature range within the layer which lessens the stresses and strains on the pavement layer.

Europe Roads

Examples of damage due to frost heave

Asia Roads