There is no region of the world where disparities of infrastructure development and wealth distribution are as evident as in the SE Asia region.

From the hyper technological metropolis to remote and inaccessible villages, this vast region is a real challenge for transport planners and operators and certainly requires innovative and imaginative thinking.

Modern highways are being built at an alarming pace. However, it is the link roads that feed these highways which are the lifeblood of the local economies.

Being able to traverse these minor roads all year round, transporting goods and linking communities is now paramount to these regions.

Rural roads are the last link of the transport network, however, they often form the most important connection in terms of providing access for the rural population.

The permanent or seasonal absence of road access is a constraining factor in terms of providing rural communities with essential services such as education, primary health care, water supply, local markets as well as economic opportunities.

The availability of such services and opportunities are difficult to sustain without a good quality and well-maintained rural road network, which provides regular and efficient transport access throughout the year.

Rural Roads

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