Widely different climate conditions and soil types as shown in the previous photographic examples convinced us that research into providing the basic ingredients but with subtle blending changes and activators would provide a stabilizing powder that would meet the difficult and varied demands of each region. We now have 2 variants of stabilizing powder 1 for Asia and 1 for Europe and we are currently involved in a programme of research and development further enhancing the efficiency of our stabilizing powders.

ecoProactive™ slow hydraulic binders comply, and exceed current European Standards for durability and volume stability. These tests are considered mandatory as part of an overall durability assessment.

European Variant
Strength N/mm2
Sealed cured 07 day 1.56
Sealed cured 28 day 2.40
Water cured 28 day 2.00
Asian Variant
Strength N/mm2
Sealed cured 07 day 1.36
Sealed cured 28 day 2.70
Water cured 28 day 2.00