ecoProactive™ is an inorganic latent hydraulic binder for soil stabilization applications and pavement layers.Our manufacturing base will be situated within central SE Asia.

You cannot buy ecoProactive™ from any retail outlets.

Factory Red Arrow End-user only.

ecoProactive™ provides complete and holistic solutions that are economical, environmentally friendly and soundly engineered.

ecoProactive™ permits the use of a single stabilization product in a wide variety of road applications including sustainable sub-bases for major highways.

ecoProactive™ are committed to continue development and evolution of our product and thus supplying solutions to rural road refurbishment.

The ecoProactive™ product aims to:

  • utilise the local available base materials without the need to import.
  • provide durable long life roads instantly.
  • stabilize widely varying and different soil compositions.
  • allow for severe continental climate conditions such as frost heave.
  • allow for humidity effects found in the tropical regions.
  • deal with monsoon and flood conditions.
  • provide a system where the most basic labour and tools can apply.